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Dr. Tim Hopper

Program lead for secondary physical education

Internationally renowned scholar for TGfU approaches

University of Victoria, BC. Canada

Ed Bakker has developed​ a truly innovative program for scaffolding the core tactical and skill foundations for tennis. The animal attributes frame complex tactical ideas that allow children to play within their imaginary worlds, the world where anything is possible, learning how to manipulate the ball in simple game conditions to create exciting game encounters.  I have used this approach myself to good effect in initial teacher education for physical education and promoted Ed’s ideas at international conferences.

Willows Elementary School Teacher, Janice Achtem:

"…his extensive tennis background along with his Wild Tennis Program has ignited a passion for tennis within my students…the students are motivated to learn about how they can play tennis like the various animals he describes.”

Some quotes from grade 3 students:


“I like the way the animals show us how to play tennis.”


“It was fun to learn a new sport.”


“I want to take more lessons now.”


“The rainbow partner rally is my favourite.”

“"It is fresh. I like the cognitive aspect to it."

Jeannie Rohr- Community Development, Tennis BC


Wild Tennis has merit.” 

Bob Wood – Former Tennis Canada Kids Program director and manual author.

"It is amazing how fast the kids relate the tactic to the animal, you say Roadrunner and they know exactly what you mean".              

Art Hobbs - Head Tennis Professional Arbutus Ridge and SCLTC,

“I know what Rohan’s (another player in the group) playing style is…a wolverine!”. Robyn W. – parent of competitive player Olivia (13yrs.). Upon arriving home, Olivia, said with reveling intellectual excitement, 

"I love the concept and the branding.” 

Glenn Cleland – former Business Professor University of NB.

“ It is an important piece in exposing budding competitive players to get insight to ALL possible playing styles at a very young age”

Greg Diemer – former top ranked competitive player and high performance coach. 

 "Very creative and l love the passion!”

Hatem McDadi – Vice President of Tennis Canada –

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