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Wild Tennis is a fun coaches tool to help teach simple racquet skills and general tennis tactics to kids. It provides coaches with an engaging and memorable way to convey broad aspects of the game. Stickers and reinforcing stamps allow coaches to simplify the often wordy and dry strategy discussions. Use of the Wild self-rally elements and creatures allows children to understand the nature of the game. As well, Wild Tennis allows both kids and coaches to learn a little more about the fascinating world of nature.
Product history. Creator, Ed Bakker, is a career Canadian Level 3 Coach /teaching professional of 40+ years. The majority of his coaching, directing and consulting career has been spent in British Columbia. Other previous locations include: Ontario, California, Florida and the Caribbean. Ed has had the good fortune to work along side great educators and motivators of the game such as Harry Hopman and Peter Burwash. He started playing tennis at age 9. He competed on par with Canada's best nationally ranked senior players. Representing Canada at the 2005 World Seniors (Perth) and 2018 winner of Western Canadian Senior Nationals 60+singles. His love for the game, coaching kids and nature was the inspiration for Wild Tennis. His home base is Victoria, BC . 
From an early age Ed had a love for nature as demonstrated in the photos volunteering, as a teenager, at a bird sanctuary in Ontario. In 2015, visiting the Raptor Center on Vancouver Island. He continues to explore any natural setting to embrace its splendor. Often preferring to kayak the calm rivers and estuary of the Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, BC. Also home to one of the worlds' oldest grass court clubs - South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club (est. 1887). 

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